In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Got a new iPad? Best Products suggests that you immediately start your app collection with their list of award-winning picks, which includes our client SurfEasy VPN.

If you’re using your iPad or iPad Pro on public Wi-Fi networks often, Best Products says that you need SurfEasy VPN in your life. By creating a virtual private network with bank-grade encryption, SurfEasy VPN ensures that your app and online activity is guarded at all times.

SurfEasy VPN is the world’s most trusted security and privacy VPN. Their ultra-fast, no-log network encrypts your data and means you can browse the web securely even on public WiFi, without any loss of speed, and without even SurfEasy VPN knowing what you’re doing.

Click here to see Best Products’ full list of recommended apps and games for the IPad.

And to see how we secure placements like this for our clients, click here to email us.

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