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Lightspeed PR/M Was Built With You in Mind

The typical public relations agency model is broken. We know, because we were a part of it. After decades-long careers working at big agencies and in-house, Lightspeed's leadership realized what so many of our clients tell us: PR agencies are set up to benefit themselves first.

Lightspeed News
April 26 2019

Houston Chronicle: Apple, Samsung stumble differently with hot products

Houston Chronicle interviewed Ethan about Samsung’s PR troubles

October 18 2019

The Los Angeles Times: Ignore this Real ID story at your peril as the clock ticks toward the deadline

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Ethan about communicating the importance of getting a Real ID

September 24 2020

Forbes: Serendipity Lost: Bringing More Pizazz Into The Virtual Workplace

Forbes interviewed Ethan about the impact of video communications on the workplace environment.

October 12 2022

Lightspeed PR/M Is a Platinum PR Award Winner!

Lightspeed PR/M is honored to be the recipient of a Platinum PR Award in the "on a shoestring" category for our client Ultalit. See a case history on this client here: https://lightspeedpr.com/stories/ultralit/.

August 19 2022

Ethan Rasiel interviewed by O’Dwyer’s about impactful PR Behaviors

There are five behaviors that PR can impact, Lightspeed PR & Marketing CEO Ethan Rasiel tells Doug Simon.

Rasiel puts those five behaviors under the acronym PIPAT (Purchase, Invest, Partner, Apply and Tell others).

"When we talk about purchase," Rasiel says, "it's all about creating a sense of urgency." That sense of urgency can come from a new version of a product, a discount, or a social imperative like saving the environment.

December 07 2022

Lightspeed PR/M Wins GOLD Best in Biz Award!

Lightspeed PR/M is honored to be recognized as a Gold Best in Biz Award winner in the "PR Campaign of the Year" category for our client Blackrock Neurotech.

The "Client-First" Model

Lightspeed PR/M is the agency we wish we could have hired when we were the client.

Our clients benefit from a full team of experienced practitioners who live and breathe their tech. People who are passionate about your work and inspired by your vision. That’s what our clients have come to expect, and it’s how we consistently deliver game-changing results for them. Putting the client first: that’s how we get it done at Lightspeed.

About Lightspeed PR/M

We are different...

  • As a proudly virtual agency our overhead is substantially lower, allowing Lightspeed to deliver stellar results at a manageable cost. It also means our team is in locations across the U.S. as well as Canada and the U.K.
  • We are not just a PR firm. Our team has expertise across a range of marketing and communications services, including: IR, social media, influencer marketing, SEO, and others.
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