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February 08 2024

Amanda Proscia is Featured on Money Matters TV!

Lightspeed's very own Amanda Proscia was featured on the February 8th episode of Money Matters TV! In this episode, Amanda shares the value of proper PR presentations for businesses.

January 09 2024

Ocutrx Brings Their New AR/XR Headset During CES 2024

Ocutrx decided to show off their latest technological addition for AR fans, as they revealed a new OcuLenz AR/XR Headset at CES 2024.

January 08 2024

MAINGEAR patented its rear-connector motherboard design in 2011, and now it wants to make MG-RC an industry standard

MAINGEAR says that moving the connectors and cables to the motherboard's backside improves the system's interior aesthetics while reducing air turbulence and making assembly easier.

January 07 2024

Those socks you returned after the holidays could be auctioned off at a warehouse in Pennsylvania

Rather than get put back on shelves, many returned goods enter the booming “reverse supply chain” industry, in which liquidators such as Liquidity Services sell off unwanted items by the pallet.

January 16 2024

Thousands of Returned Holiday Gifts Up for Sale at Fraction of the Cost

The company is called Liquidity Services, and they purchase retailers' returned goods for pennies on the dollar, then sell it in on-line auctions.

February 01 2024

MAINGEAR Officially Announces Refresh of MG-1 Gaming PCs, Announces New Additional Configurations

MAINGEAR brings refresh of MG-1 preconfigurations and announces new Ruby and Boosted systems.

February 06 2024

All your Christmas returns and (soon) your post-Super Bowl TV returns have to be re-sold somewhere

When you send a product back to a store or online retailer these days, many of them don’t deal with it much after that. Instead, the merchandise often gets shipped off to huge warehouses like AllSurplus Deals in Dallas, where returns are sorted, tested, and re-sold in what has become an expansive secondary market.

November 15 2023

Ocutrx Announces New AR Headset For Vision Impaired

Lightspeed PR/M client, Ocutrx, is launching a see-through, stand alone AR headset early next year, the OcuLenz, which provides vision correction to patients with Advanced Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 60.

January 15 2024

AR Helping The Handicapped To See And Hear At CES 2024

Lightspeed PR/M client, Ocutrx, featured the Oculenz, a head mounted display created to restore sight to the 23M Americans suffering from Advanced Macular Degeneration. Lightspeed client, OrCam, showcased the OrCam Hear, a device that assists the deaf or hearing impaired.

January 31 2024

AgencyAnalytics unveils 11-Second Smart Reports

AgencyAnalytics's New Smart Reports enable users to save a total of 2.5 hours per client on reporting, buying back valuable time.

December 20 2023

Lightspeed PR/M Receives Honorable Mention at the PRDaily Awards!

Lightspeed PR/M is honored to be recognized as an Honorable Mention in the "Press Event" category for hosting the Summer Gear Showcase at the American Dream Mall.

December 13 2023

AgencyAnalytics Unveils ‘Labs’ Functionality

AgencyAnalytics, a provider of automated client reporting solutions for marketing agencies, introduced its Labs functionality, which seeks to deliver new tools to customers.

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