District Administration Rounds Up Top LMS

In Lightspeed PR by Ethan Rasiel

K-12 educators are under pressure to find learning management systems that easily identify content based on individual student needs. LMS platforms can pinpoint specific concepts students don’t understand, allowing instructors to help struggling learners more effectively by focusing on the areas that need extra attention. Some systems can even identify gifted and talented learners who aren’t challenged enough, allowing them to skip subjects they already understand.

District Administration recently put together a round-up of the best LMS for educators. Our client D2L made it on the short list. Why?

D2L’s Brightspace allows districts can meet ESSA’s family engagement requirements, which call for parents to be involved and consulted in education planning. Brightspace allows parents can access their children’s work, and communicate with teachers on a new activity feed. The feed allows teachers to share activities and information using attachments, Google Drive, web links and school activities. Students can also access an ePortfolio, where they can share completed projects, assessments, links and media.

To learn more about Brightspace’s features and see the full list of LMS, read the full story from District Administration.