Kopin: Why Making AR Glasses Is So Hard

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Depending who you ask, AR is either the future or the present. Regardless, there’s still a long road ahead when it comes to developing technology like AR glasses.

As part of Wareable’s AR Week, they asked the biggest names in the industry to explain the challenges they face in advancing the technology. What’s the hold up? When will we arrive? Is this it?

Our client Kopin weighed in. Ernesto Martiez, Ph.D. at Kopin Corporation, says the big problem is that everything is working against each other.

“Smartglasses present one of the most difficult design challenges as the blend of ergonomics, intuitive human interfaces and fashion all work heavily against each other.” Martiez said. “The head and face are the most sacred fashion centers of the body and have to inspire the passion and desire of the user to want to wear them.”

To hear more of Martiez’s insight and takeaways from other AR leaders, check out the full story from Wareable.

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