iHome SmartPlugs “Easy Entree Into The Smart Home”

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

TechHive’s Glenn Fleishman says the SP6 and iSP8 SmartPlug from Lightspeed PR client iHome “push a lot of the right buttons”.

Why? Well, their horizontal oblong form factor allows another plug to fit in above or below in a conventional two-outlet fixture. And, you can even plug two SmartPlug units into the same fixture without a squeeze.

TechHive also applauded the SmartPlugs’ own account-based remote access and management. Fleishman add that “it’s very easy to set up, avoiding a complicated dance of Wi-Fi network swapping required for competing devices”.

Click here to read all the reasons why TechHive gave the the SP6 and iSP8 SmartPlug high praise.

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