How AI Solves Marketing Pain Points

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

VentureBeat spoke with top marketing technology companies, including our client Velocidi, about the top challenges marketers face and how AI can ease those pain points.

Today, there are over 3,874 companies offering marketing technology. This abundance of tools is both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Most marketers end up using 20 to 50 different tools to manage all their tasks.

As a result, more time is spent managing software than managing strategy. Moving forward the sourcing and centralizing reliable data.

VentureBeat spoke with Mark Kovscek, president of our client Velocidi, about the lack of reliable, centralized data. As a result, marketers suffer many inefficiencies and lost opportunities. Key decisions like creative, messaging, and campaign parameters, are being driven by gut instead of science. And, to make things worse, marketers still spend over three hours on average every week analyzing disparate data sources and making haphazard decisions.

Kovscek says the real problem lies in the nuances of preparing data for different marketing purposes. “As the data is cleansed and prepared, it is optimized for a specific use case (e.g., programmatic, campaign reporting, media attribution) and therefore creates competing versions of the data.”

AI could be the layer that centralizes and manages communication and data across marketing tools.

To learn more about the challenges marketers face and the solutions AI could create, read the full story from VentureBeat.

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