Futurism Shares Analysis of D2L Entrepreneur Column

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Jeremy Auger, Chief Strategy Officer at our client D2L, had his recent Entrepreneur column picked up by Futurism. In the column, he explained that the way for humans to maintain their relevance in the labor force in the face of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation developments is through ongoing, career-long retraining. Futurism said that “his voice is added to a choir of individuals who are preaching the same message.”

In the column, Auger says that AI represents an unprecedented challenge to the work force on account of its cerebral capabilities, which could see it replacing the human workforce in the cognitive space as well as the physical one. He argues that, “learning can’t end with graduation. To be competitive, companies will need to step up and provide education opportunities themselves, while encouraging self-directed learning so they can ensure that their workers are continually acquiring new skills.”

To read Futurism’s full analysis of Auger’s article, click here.

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