D2L: How To Build The Best Learning Platform

In Client News, Uncategorized by Ethan Rasiel

Kenneth Chapman, the VP of Market Strategy for our client D2L, recently authored a column in EdTech Digest about how D2L has built the best K-12 learning platform.

Chapman says D2L is constantly striving to stay on top of the needs of teachers and their goals in educating students. To do that, D2L talks with teachers for inspiration and guidance. Here are a couple of the key takeaways Chapman shared in his column:

  • Teachers love teaching. They love creating that spark and motivation in their students.
  • Teachers are incredibly resourceful. They find what they need, whether it’s tools, content, or technology, and plenty of it.

In his column, Chapman shared other takeaways and discussed the challenges – and solutions- to removing barriers in technology. Many teachers just don’t have the training, time or tools to deliver the best learning experience for all students.

“It’s our job in edtech to work to remove barriers to technology for everyone, from students to teachers to parents to administrators,” explains Chapman. “That means enabling all of the amazing teachers we’ve talked to, and all of their counterparts all across the technology spectrum, to use the best tools and techniques out there to be the very best educators possible.”

Learn more by reading Chapman’s full EdTech Digest column.