Why Lightspeed?

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Since Amanda and I started Lightspeed, lots of folks have asked me variants of the same question – why?

I’ve always thought about starting my own firm. But I didn’t want to be a sole proprietor. I wanted to work with a team. Then I learned that my friend Amanda had recently left her job doing PR in-house at American Express – just like I left mine at Samsung.

That changed everything. Working a with a co-founder is motivating, its more fun, and our complementary skill sets mean there’s twice the chance that one of us is proficient at whatever each day’s new challenge turns out to be.

If you are thinking about trying something new – whether its a new exercise, new hobby, or a new job – try tackling it with someone else. You may find that what seemed insurmountable before, suddenly is right in view.

– Ethan

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