Marketing Data Challenges

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Marketing data has seen exceptional growth in 2017, creating complexity for CMOs who are trying to sort through the volume, to uncover valuable insights. In his latest column for MarTech Advisor, our client Velocidi’s co-founder and CEO, David Dunne details how marketers can use technology to speed analysis and allow for faster, data-driven decisions. Decisions that ultimately impact marketing campaign performance in a positive way.

Dunne explains that, “Marketing data sources and volume are growing at an exponential rate, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to extract timely, actionable insights that drive sales. More than 30 percent of marketers attribute wasted time on data to ‘too many data sources’.”

Dunne takes a look at the challenges some leading agencies and brands face, and identified three things marketers can do to achieve better performance with their data in his column:

  • Put The Right Technology In Place
  • Point The Organization In The Right Direction
  • Compete To Win

For more details on how to execute these three steps, read the full story from MarTech Advisor.

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