Velocidi Delivers Actionable Marketing Insights

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Brands and agencies are contending with an ever-increasing volume and complexity of marketing data, making it more difficult than ever to arrive at valuable marketing insights that can impact business goals.  Marketers are wasting valuable time and missing insights from their data.

To solve this problem, our client Velocidi – a marketing intelligence software company – is integrating new artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its flagship marketing intelligence platform. Inside Big Data reports that this new integration will quickly and easily provide actionable insights for all marketers – whether they are data science experts or not.

“Unfortunately, the marketplace is polluted with AI-lite solutions that are all hype, and no substance. We set out to deliver what marketers truly need – a platform powered by real artificial intelligence that is easy to use, both for those with and without data science expertise,” said David Dunne, founder and CEO of Velocidi. “Our team has managed to democratize and accelerate access to insights so that all marketers have more time to focus on strategic decisions.”

Velocidi’s new AI-powered platform is accessed through a simple and elegant user interface that allows marketers to clearly see the trends and relationships in their data that are most important to their campaigns. To learn more about the technology, read the full story from Inside Big Data.