The Fear and AWE of Techno-Utopia

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Technology is evolving at a mind blowing pace. Huffington Post contributor Maya Zuckerman says that “the rate of change that would happen in an age or a lifetime is now happening on a daily basis”.

To explore just what this age of virtual reality, augmented humans and super AI means for the evolution of humans, Zuckerman spent some time at the 8th Augmented World Expo. AWE, a Lightspeed client, was held in early June 2017 with over 4500 participants, 351 speakers, and 212 exhibitors.

In her article, Zuckerman asks and explores questions like “Is this Techno-Utopia all it’s cracked up to be?” and  “In a world where we have developed machines smarter, faster and more evolved than humans – how do we protect the rights of humanity?”. Zuckerman also delves into the ethics of robotics and AI.

If you want to read more about these concepts and the future impact of AI on our species, read the full story from the Huffington Post.