SurfEasy Review: A Zippy VPN From North of the Border

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

PC World recently reviewed our client SurfEasy. They found it works with Netflix, doesn’t log your activity, and it’s fast!

“One of SurfEasy’s top features it that it works with U.S. Netflix, and reliably so,” said PC World’s Ian Paul. “During my time with the VPN I never had a problem using an American server and watching video on the premium service.”

PC World also reports that SurfEasy is now the fastest VPN service they’ve tested, displacing former speed champ Mullvad. In their tests, SurfEasy was fast across all the connections they tried—U.S., UK, Germany, Japan, and Australia—dropping to just 55.28 percent of the base speed. Paul writes that is a tiny drop when most services are dropping down to about 33-35 percent overall.

To see all the reasons PC World enjoyed the SurfEasy experience, read the full story here.

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