Reflekt Adds Live Service To Replace Training Manuals With AR

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VentureBeat reports that our client Reflekt has created a platform that allows companies to turn their training and repair manuals into augmented reality applications. During the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in its hometown of Munich, Reflekt announced that it had introduced a “live support” module that would allow customer support employees to interact directly with a user in the augmented reality applications.

This remote collaboration tool will work across the variety of platforms that Reflekt supports, including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses, like Microsoft’s HoloLens. Dirk Schart, the company’s head of marketing, said Reflekt is focused on making augmented reality practical and easy for companies to adopt.

Schart told VentureBeat that by doing so the company is helping AR regain some of the credibility and interest it lost when the recent hype faded.

“I think with AR, we wanted to have too much,” he said. “We wanted AR everywhere. But like with any technology, there are areas where it makes sense and there are others where other tools make more sense. We have to have a common sense, realistic view of these things. And I think we’ve arrived at that point.”

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