Integration: What Is It? Why Do You Need It? How Do You Get It?

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel


Integration is a word marketers all know, but perhaps don’t understand exactly what it means. Especially because the way companies can integrate their cloud apps has changed greatly over the past few years. In his Martech Advisor column, Bhaskar Roy, VP of Growth for Lightspeed PR client Workato, makes integration understandable.

First, Roy defines integration. He says, “At its core, integration is about making different apps and systems work together: by allowing them to share data, by orchestrating the business processes that cut across them, and by coordinating how employees work across the growing number of apps.”

Then, Roy clears up the burning question- WHY do we need integration. Roy says this all stems from the fact that there are just too many apps and that, without integration, you can’t have optimal productivity or full view of customer.

Finally, he explains how to get started with integration. For Roy’s tips on choosing the right integration platform, read the full piece in Martech Advisor.

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