VR Headsets Based on Kopin’s 2K Display Expected by End of 2018

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Road To VR went hands-on with Kopin’s prototype headset featuring their 2K VR micro display. Although functional, the Kopin ‘Elf’ headset isn’t a consumer product but actually a demo for the company’s 2K 120Hz Lightning display. The first products incorporating the ‘Lightning’ display are expected by the end of 2018.

Here’s what Road To VR’s Ben Lang had to say about the ‘Elf’:

The big pitch for the Elf headset is its impressively compact size and diminutive weight; the prototype I tried was just 220 grams, less than half the weight of the Rift and Vive (though to be fair it’s just a demonstration of the display, and lacking some extra hardware found on most headset). And of course it’s backed by the incredibly sharp 2K Lightning display which has more than three times the pixels of today’s leading headsets, and a whopping 120Hz refresh rate (though, as I found in my hands-on, those benefits may come at the cost of a lower field of view).

To learn more about Kopin’s future plans for this VR headset, read the full story from Road To VR.