Kopin CEO Talks Wearable Tech

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Dr. John Fan, the CEO of our client Kopin, talked with Seeking Alpha’s Derrick Zierler about the future of wearable technologies. In this in-depth interview, he explained why Kopin’s Pupil optical and Whisper technologies are game changers for consumer wearables. Fan also discussed the disruptive force Kopin is delivering for the next wave of wearable devices is identified.

Fan explained that the key disruptive force Kopin is offering to the market is not one specific technology, it is simply enabling our human-to-machine interactions to be completely hands-free. Kopin has a portfolio of 300 plus patents in the areas of display and voice technologies are key enablers of this disruption.

Fan also discussed Kopin’s unique heads-up Pupil optics, which have significant advantages for consumer devices solving current problems with eye strain, image quality, and power management. And he talked about Kopin’s Whisper noise cancellation technology, which has obvious applications in head worn devices.

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