Lightspeed PR CEO Talks Email Signatures With Chicago Tribune

In Lightspeed PR by Ethan Rasiel

Sincerely. Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. The list of archaic email signatures goes on and on. So, what’s the best way to sign-off on an email in 2017?

The Chicago Tribune explored this topic of great debate, and asked Lightspeed PR CEO Ethan Rasiel to weigh in.

Ethan says you should never close an email with “old-fashioned valediction like ‘Sincerely’ and ‘Best regards.'” Cliches, he says, are “left over from the era of writing letters,” a practice that could make the writer seem older. “Just like putting two spaces after a period does,” he explains.

Ethan told the Chicago Tribune he suggests closing with a simple “Thank you,” “Have a good afternoon” or, if applicable, “Talk soon.”

Like a few others in the Tribune’s recent Facebook poll on this topic, Ethan is a fan of “Cheers” especially when he wants to close on an upbeat note. “Cheers is the British way of saying thanks, so you’ll sound a bit more worldly, but it’s also on the casual side so it’s best to use with someone you already know,” he says.

And what about one of the more popular email sign-offs, ‘warmly’? Ethan says, no. “We are doing business, not starting a campfire.”

For more email sign-off ideas, read the full story from the Chicago Tribune.