Brightspace For Enterprise is Millennial Ready

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Is your enterprise LMS millennial ready? EdTech publication Nibletz reports that our client Brightspace is not only ready, its reinventing corporate learning entirely.

Right now, millennials are graduating from college and into the workforce at a rapid speed. Through many of their college careers and some of their high school and grade school careers, Brightspace, the LMS (learning management system) from D2L, has been along for the ride. Learning management systems help corporations, businesses, universities and schools roll out, and administer e-learning at whatever scale they need.

Last year, D2L introduced an official “Brightspace for Enterprise” solution. It’s an ideal solution because millennials are already accustomed to interactive immersive digital content in school delivered via LMS systems like Brightspace. “Brighstpace for Enterprise” incorporates corporate and workforce training and learning with tools that millennials know and love.

To learn more about why millennials enjoy the “Brightspace for Enterprise” solution and how companies are already using it, read the full story from Nibletz.

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