Robot-Proofing The Labor Force With Lifelong Learning

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

In his Entrepreneur column, Jeremy Auger – Chief Strategy Officer for our client D2L – explained why lifelong learning is critical as AI is taking over the cognitive functions of many jobs.

“We’re seeing AI technology companies targeting the replacement of what’s estimated to be up to 50 percent of current employees in the finance sector over the next 10 years. We would have considered these types of jobs “safe” from automation only a few years ago,” Auger writes. “According to University of Oxford researchers, 47 percent of workers may be at risk of losing their jobs to automation, in particular those in mid-skilled retail jobs, and office workers like cashiers and telemarketers. A recent McKinsey report predicted that a smaller percentage of jobs would be at risk of being completely replaced by machines, but pointed out that the majority of jobs would see some of their tasks replaced by automation.”

Auger says that, by keeping up their skills, employees can create more job security.

To learn more about Auger’s vision for “robot-proofing” the workforce, read his full column in Entrepreneur.

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