SolidRun featured in PC World!

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Now on the market: our client SolidRun’s Q4 board totaling at only $139 can not only be used as a PC, but also has the flexibility to run sophisticated gadgets such as robots. Unlike most developer boards, the Q4 has the ability to run Microsoft Window’s 10 operating system. Potentially garnering commercial appeal the Q4 could be used for smart home devices and industrial work.


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Lightspeed Client, 4C Raises $26M in C Series Funding!

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A huge congratulations to our client, 4C on this latest round of funding. 4C is a Chicago-based data-science software company founded in 2011 by Northwestern University professor Dr. Alok Choudhary.


4C will use this recent round of funding to grow and expand staff within the U.S. and international markets  while simultaneously driving digital product growth.

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Lightspeed Client, 4C CEO Quoted in Forbes!

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Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C, states that the talent pool in Chicago “exceeds expectations…Young people are staying in Chicago for the jobs, cost of living, and the benefits of a thriving arts and cultural scene.” Is Chicago the next big startup hub outside of New York, Silicon Valley and Austin?








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Longevity Economy: What is it, how big is it and how will it effect you?

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Demographics don’t lie – according to a recent report from Lightspeed client AARP, there will be double the number of adults over the age of 50 by 2050. With significant growth in entrepreneurship and longer life-span the 50+ population will see a dynamic increase over the next several decades both in the work force and retirement leaving AARP and other research organizations struggling to determine what goods and services will be needed to appease the masses.


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Lightspeed Client, Cyara Solutions featured in

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Congratulations to Cyara on the recent release of their omnichannnel customer service platform. With several major components to this release Cyara Solutions hopes to be able to customize the platform unique to each users needs and ensure their commitment to their customers. “Cyara remains laser-focused on making our products easy, intuitive and a pleasure to use, and our customers tell us we remain ahead of their expectations,” says CEO Alok Kulkarni.


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Yahoo Tech Covers iHome’s New Zenergy Line

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Lightspeed’s, Michael secures even MORE coverage on iHome’s new Zenergy clock radio line. Yahoo Tech takes a look at the new sleep-inducing brand and puts it to the test. Utilizing light, sound and iOS technology the Zenergy line is the clock radio dreams are made of.


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Cyara featured in VentureBeat!

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So, what is a business bot? The chat screen at the bottom right hand corner of your page that pops up with someone asking “What can I help you with?” is actually a bot. With companies like Facebook incorporating chatbots into the mix people are wondering whether or not they’re more work than they’re worth. Many times these bots understand certain commands, but fail to understand nuances, etiquette, context and intent leaving users unsatisfied with their interactions and companies with irritated customers. So how do companies go about fixing this problem and what are the simplest solutions?  With a little research and a lot of chatting here’s what the app integration company, Workato found. Read More

Using real-time chat and AI powered chatbots, Pypestream empowers enterprises and businesses to automate communication with customers - handling hundreds of messaging conversations with customers in real-time. (PRNewsFoto/Pypestream)

Using real-time chat and AI powered chatbots, Pypestream empowers enterprises and businesses to automate communication with customers – handling hundreds of messaging conversations with customers in real-time. (PRNewsFoto/Pypestream)

VentureBeat Features SolidRun’s Open Networking Kit

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The ClearFog Base kit, an open development kit that allows DIY hardware enthusiasts to create their own telecom-grade routers is now available over the counter.“Our new ClearFog Base open development system is an ideal solution for those looking for a powerful SBC in a compact form factor, with a plethora of I/O options to serve a wide array of potential applications, ” says Kossay Omary, SolidRun’s cofounder and technology leader. Way to go Michael on securing this feature!


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