Lightspeed Welcomes New Client 4C Insights!

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Lightspeed PR is excited to announce our new client partnership with 4C Insights. The data science and media technology company has hired Lightspeed to lead its U.S. communications efforts. The Lightspeed team will focus on media relations, branding, content development and social media with the goal of increasing the awareness and impact of 4C within its business-to-business customer targets.

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Lightspeed named AOR for getgeeked!

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Lightspeed PR is now PR agency for getgeeked, the new tabletop demo event from Barry Myers, the brainchild behind Engadget’s reader meetups and other popular events.

The event will be Oct 16th at Metropolitan West – 639 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036. Exclusive press hours are from 4 to 7, but we are open to the public – FREE! from 7 to 10 pm.

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What we learned about starting a business

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By Amanda Proscia, Lightspeed PR Managing Director and co-founder

Lightspeed PR was launched in October 2013, and in the months since, Ethan and I have learned a lot about what it takes to start and run a business. Since many of our clients are start-ups, we know this is top of mind for them as well.

So we put together a short check list of what we’ve learned along the way of things to do, and a few things not to do, when starting a business.

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5 Minute Mom covers VSN Mobil’s V.ALRT

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Popular blog 5 Minute Mom covered V.ALRT today, an emergency response device from our client VSN Mobil. They called it a “clever, high tech device to help keep your family safe.” Nice job Carla Vallone in making this happen!

V.ALRT Personal Emergency Response Device #Giveaway #CouponCode

V.ALRT Wearable Alert Device from VSN Mobil

I love when advances in technology help keep us safer and more connected. And a wonderful example of technology helping families is the V.ALRT Personal Emergency Response Device.

It is a small wearable device that works with a smartphone to sound an alarm and send out urgent calls and text messages with the press of a button.

You can slip the little round device in a pocket or purse, or better yet… it can be attached to one of several accessory options such as a pendant, wristband, or belt clip. The belt clip is sold separately, but the pendant and wristband are both included.

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Lightspeed interviewed by Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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Lightspeed’s CEO was recently interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for a story on best strategies for consumers to use when purchasing gadgets. See the story here:

Full text:

Research is key to purchases in new technology

July 6, 2014 12:00 AM

By Deborah M. Todd / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Over the next couple of years, I think consumers are going to make a major shift,” said Reed Andrews, the store’‍s Sony Experience Expert. “It‘‍s going to be a common thing to see people replacing their high definition sets with 4K Ultra High Definition sets.”

For early adopters, the time to buy into the hot new innovations  — whether it’‍s 4K Ultra HD, wearable smart accessories or next-generation video games — is ripe as soon as they’‍re released. But analysts and other industry insiders say the best moment to make the plunge into any new technology might be after consumers see signs it‘‍s actually going to last.

“Early adopters should keep one foot in reality and set some expectations about how you’‍re going to use this new product and how you expect it to make your life easier,” said Ben Arnold, a consumer technology analyst with Port Washington, N.Y.-based research firm NPD Group.

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Lightspeed’s PR Week Column: 10 Lessons Learned from Microsoft’s Service Disruption

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Lightspeed CEO Ethan Rasiel contributed a column for PR Week on lessons learned from Microsoft’s handling of a service outage.

10 lessons from the Microsoft Exchange Online outage about handling a service disruption

June 26, 2014 by Ethan Rasiel, Lightspeed PR

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Exchange Online service went dark for the entire business day, preventing its users from sending or receiving email. As Computerworld put it, the service had become Exchange Offline.Notably, Exchange is not a free service like Gmail but rather a part of the paid Office 365 service, meant to deliver increased reliability for businesses that cannot afford to be disconnected.

Glitches will happen, and I don’t expect any service to be perfect. But as a communications professional, I do expect customers, journalists, and the general public to be kept aware of the situation in a timely fashion. By any measure, this wasn’t what happened here. So, what can we learn from this about what not to do?

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Bayan Audio gets Gold Seal Award from Technology X

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Lightspeed client Bayan Audio received a coveted Gold Seal Award from Chris Joliffe at respected site Technology X. Chris called it “A phenomenal speaker than can literally be used anywhere.”

Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Posted by: Chris Jolliffe June 21, 2014

Who is Bayan Audio? Back in 2011, an UK-based company started that had the sole intent of creating high quality products that produce phenomenal sound out of natural materials, that you can take with you wherever you may go. You may recognize them from a previous report we did a few weeks back, when we took a look at the Bayan Audio Soundbook Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.


Today, we have the privilege of taking a bigger and better look at the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3, the big brother to the previously reported Soundbook.  One thing to keep in mind before we dig into the X3, is that we are looking at a wireless bluetooth speaker. More often then not, you ‘get what you pay for’ when it comes to wireless bluetooth speakers. The cheaper wireless speakers are typically comprised of a lower grade material, which will further inhibit the performance of the speaker, but the opposite also remains true. What really impresses us is when a company creates a product that is not only of high quality, but doesn’t break your bank as well.

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USA Today: Lightspeed Client is “The CES of the Future”

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It was an honor to work closely with USA Today reporter Marco Della Cava on this profile story covering our client, Augmented World Expo – a fast-growing, cutting-edge event kicking off its fifth annual show today.

Augmented world takes center stage at expo

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Think of it as the Consumer Electronics Show of the future. The increasingly near future.

Augmented World Expo kicks off here Wednesday with some 200 exhibitors of virtual reality-focused tech, a doubling in size over last year that highlights the growing ubiquity of such gadgets and software.

“The biggest trend is the technology’s evolution from gimmick to value,” says organizer Ori Inbar, who points specifically to wearable tech’s promising hands-free impact on surgery, training and gaming. “Our interface with computers is going from the mouse to the touchscreen to gestures in three-dimensional space.”

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