Kopin Is Making AR Gear You Might Actually Wear

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

In the future, our client Kopin tech might help you ditch your smartphone for an AR-enhanced life.

PC Magazine reports that Kopin unveiled its latest innovations, including a new 2,000-by-2,000 OLED VR headset reference design, at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara this week.

The wearables maker is partnering with companies including Google, Raytheon, and Intel. It’s also the largest US manufacturer of microdisplays for the US military.

In addition to these projects, Kopin has spun out a new brand called Solos, which produces AR cycling glasses. PC Magazine tested out a pair and called it “a remarkable experience”.

To learn more about the latest innovations that Kopin unveiled at AWE, read the full story from PC Magazine.

Brightspace To Replace Blackboard At Vanderbilt

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Vanderbilt announced that it will launch D2L’s Brightspace as its primary course management system in summer 2017. Brightspace will replace Blackboard, the university’s current system.

Brightspace was chosen after a yearlong needs assessment and vendor selection process involving faculty, staff and students.

“The move to Brightspace is part of Vanderbilt’s ongoing strategic effort to embrace educational technologies that foster innovation in learning, teaching and discovery,” Provost Susan R. Wente said. “Brightspace is a modern, responsive course management system that will support effective teaching across the entire campus.”

To learn more about the shift to Brightspace, read the full story from Vanderbilt.

Make More Money With Less Work

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

U.S. News & World Report recently shared some simple moneymaking strategies. One of their strategies comes from Dirk Quayle, the founder, president and board member of our client NextCapital. NextCapital is a digital-advice firm based in Chicago.

Quayle explains that no one would turn down free money in theory, especially with compound interest. But that’s exactly what most folks do when they drop the ball on matching retirement funds when an employer offers them.

“A typical matching situation would be matching 50 percent of employee contributions for the first 6 percent of salary that an employee contributes,” Quayle says. “But many companies also offer a straight match of 100 percent up to a certain percentage.”

For more advice, click here for the full story.

Inside AARP’s Startup Incubator

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Lightspeed PR client AARP has a startup incubator. Really!

About a year ago, AARP launched Hatchery in NYC’s Chinatown. The Hatchery looks just like your standard startup office. While the Hatchery startups are currently distinct from AARP, they’re still staffed by AARP employees.

Andy Miller, SVP of innovation and product development, told Technical.ly that he wants to put AARP on the map as a corporate innovation leader.

To learn more about the Hatchery, read the full story from Technical.ly.




Augmented World Expo Prepares for World’s Largest AR/VR Conference

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Forbes reported on the Augmented World Expo (AWE), the world’s largest and longest running conference and expo dedicated to augmented and virtual reality, which is coming to the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley from May 31 – June 2.

Lightspeed PR client AWE will feature leading industry speakers like “Shots of Awe” filmmaker, philosopher and futurist Jason Silva and game designer, author and Carnegie Mellon scholar Jesse Schell.

5,000 attendees, 30% of whom represent Fortune 1000 companies, are expected to attend AWE. Founder Ori Inbar says attendees come looking for business solutions.

“AWE has become the place where Fortune 500 companies find business solutions, strategic partnerships are forged, funds raised, talent hired, and new startups are born,” Inbar explains.

For more details on AWE, read the full story from Forbes.

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Is Something Missing From Your Company Culture?

In Lightspeed PR by Ethan Rasiel

What makes a company culture work isn’t always visible.  Anne Marie Kilgallon, the Vice President of Enterprise, Strategy & Innovation for our client AARP, recently wrote an insightful piece for Inc. to help people figure out what’s missing from their company culture.

Kilgallon explains, “We all understand how important it is to have a strong culture in a strong work environment. Yet sometimes company culture can be hard to define, and even harder to influence.”

She explained that, like an iceberg, 90 percent of the behaviors and values that determine company culture is actually below the surface. This can make it hard to figure out what the problems with a company culture may be.

“It’s why a company can sink if it doesn’t heed cultural problems,” Kilgallon says. “The bottom of the iceberg is what makes or breaks companies.”

Concerned about your company culture? Read the full story in Inc. to find out Kilgallon’s three key questions every company needs to ask itself.

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Mommy Nearest Names Munchery “Must Have App” For Parents

In Lightspeed PR by Ethan Rasiel



Mommy Nearest, a news outlet targeted at Bay Area parents, rounded up the eight apps that every parent needs to download on their phone. They focused on apps that help to ease the chaos for moms and dads, including parking apps, prescription deliveries, groceries and meals.

In the meal category, Mommy Nearest chose Lightspeed PR client Munchery as their pick.

Mommy Nearest said they enjoyed Munchery for the “diverse selection of pre-made dishes” and variety of  “dinner kits that boast 15-minute cook times”. They also enjoyed the fact that the menu items are constantly changing and that “you can order the day before to get a discount or the day of while supplies last”. And, of course, Munchery’s kids meals were a huge perk for parents.

To read the full review and roundup, check out the full story from Mommy Nearest.

Rollout.io’s ROX Reinvents Feature Delivery for Mobile Apps

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel


Lightspeed client Rollout.io had its new ROX technology featured in TechCrunch. ROX allows developers to selectively roll out new features in their apps to subsets of users before deploying them the wider user base.

Previously, had developed technology that allowed mobile app developers to update their apps without having to go through the App Store approval process. But, after Apple cracked down on apps using its software, Rollout.io developed ROX.

To learn more about Rollout.io’s history and its new technology, click here to read the full story from TechCrunch.

What You Must Know About “Flipped Learning”

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

John Baker, President and Chief Executive Officer of D2L, one of Lightspeed PR’s clients, co-wrote a piece for Forbes about the pros and cons of “flipped learning”. You can read the full story by clicking here.

So, what exactly is flipped learning? In a flipped classroom, classroom time is used for collaborative activities like discussions, hands-on explorations of concepts and problem-solving experiences instead of lectures. Lectures can easily be viewed at home via video.


More and more educators are using flipped learning. And Baker explains in the Forbes article that this style of teaching can lead to increased and better interaction between teachers and students, reduced student stress and higher student achievement scores.

However, he does caution that “flipped learning isn’t the holy grail and needs to evolve beyond a one-size-fits-all solution”.

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Velocidi’s New Platform Makes Marketing Data Silos Obsolete

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel


Lightspeed PR client Velocidi released a new version of its platform that unifies fragmented marketing data and helps marketers derive value from marketing data sources.

MarTech Advisor reported the new release of Velocidi’s cloud-based marketing intelligence platform, which enables marketers to ingest and cleanse data from disparate sources. This cuts down the time it takes to go from ingestion to insights, and reduces the complexity normally required to harness large amounts of data.

“Traditional methods of marketing analysis and reporting have been fraught with complexity and manual tasks,” David Dunne, Velocidi founder and CEO, told MarTech advisor. “To solve these problems, our platform automates data collection for rapid organization and synthesis. This speeds the development of valuable insights that marketers can use to make smarter decisions that impact the brand’s performance.”

To learn more about the latest version of Velocidi’s platform, read the full story from MarTech Advisor.