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August 19 2022

Ethan Rasiel interviewed by O’Dwyer’s about impactful PR Behaviors

There are five behaviors that PR can impact, Lightspeed PR & Marketing CEO Ethan Rasiel tells Doug Simon.

Rasiel puts those five behaviors under the acronym PIPAT (Purchase, Invest, Partner, Apply and Tell others).

"When we talk about purchase," Rasiel says, "it's all about creating a sense of urgency." That sense of urgency can come from a new version of a product, a discount, or a social imperative like saving the environment.

July 30 2022

Retail’s ‘Dark Side’: As Inventory Piles Up, Liquidation Warehouses Are Busy

"The warehouse is run by Liquidity Services, a company that collects surplus and returned goods from major retailers like Target and Amazon and resells them, often for cents on the dollar. The facility opened in November and is operating at exceptionally high volumes for this time of year."

May 20 2022

TODAY SHOW – Summer Finds for the Beach or Pool

Julianne “JuJu” Taylor and Southern Living's Ivy Odom share their summer finds - including our client BlendJet!

September 24 2020

Forbes: Serendipity Lost: Bringing More Pizazz Into The Virtual Workplace

Forbes interviewed Ethan about the impact of video communications on the workplace environment.

July 04 2022

Wall Street Journal- Glut of Goods at Target, Walmart is a Boon for Liquidators

Liquidity Services Inc., LQDT 4.87, Xcess Limited, B-Stock LLC and other companies said they are seeing a glut of kitchen appliances, televisions, outdoor furniture and apparel that major chains are trying to clear out. In many cases, the liquidators are picking up pallets at the ports or from a warehouse without the goods ever hitting store shelves and are selling the items to smaller retailers and individuals who resell them online.

April 26 2019

Houston Chronicle: Apple, Samsung stumble differently with hot products

Houston Chronicle interviewed Ethan about Samsung’s PR troubles

October 18 2019

The Los Angeles Times: Ignore this Real ID story at your peril as the clock ticks toward the deadline

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Ethan about communicating the importance of getting a Real ID

June 28 2022

Associated Press – Record Set for Implantable Brain Tech: Blackrock Neurotech Celebrates 30,000 Patient Days

Record Set for Implantable Brain Tech: Blackrock Neurotech Celebrates 30,000 Patient Days

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