Brittany Oat

In The Team by Ethan Rasiel

Brittany is known for her ability to grow social media communities, and create edgy viral video content. She also has a proven track record of securing key traditional media placements. She has a genuine passion for PR and social media, and is continuously coming up with innovative ideas that push the barriers of this ever-changing industry.


She founded social media consultancy bSocial in 2012, and has also worked with The Business Council of Westchester, Team Detroit, Senator Greg Ball, Robin Leedy & Associates, and many others.


She began her career in journalism and served as on-air talent for News 12 Brooklyn, WPTZ Vermont, WSEE Washington DC, and others, as well as a print journalist for the Hartford Courant, Norwich Bulletin, and others.


Brittany received the 2012 Mercury Award from PRSA for her creation of a viral video for a client, and also was winner of the Fox News Channel Challenge in 2007.