Karen Blondell

In The Team by Ethan Rasiel

Karen Blondell

Vice President, Lightspeed PR/M

Karen has worked in tech PR for more than 25 years, with a focus on product launches, media relations, events, thought leadership, writing, messaging, story development and social media. She has represented a range of consumer and B2B technology companies including major brands like Sony, Panasonic and Kodak, to digital media giants MSNBC, TODAY.com and VEVO; to the IOC, generating social media visibility for the London and Sochi Olympic Games. 



Karen has had a front row seat to the birth of the Internet and mobile industries, as Director of Internet Business at Mindstorm Communications, a NYC-boutique PR firm where she took multiple dot.com’s through IPOs and acquisitions; and through her work with CTIA-The Wireless Association, where she oversaw press room operations for its two annual trade shows and conferences. 


Her work on the launch of HDMI helped shape the all-digital CE landscape we enjoy today; and with the launch of Twilio she shaped the communications strategy that cemented it as the first company to integrate voice and text  into apps, disrupting the way people use their phones, and becoming one of the most successful tech IPOs in history. Throughout her career, Karen has made it a priority to build relationships and connect people who can help each other. She has facilitated key partnerships for her clients with decision makers at Apple, Google, Kickstarter, Amazon and Twitch; and brings an energetic and pragmatic approach to her campaigns.  


A native New Yorker, Karen currently resides in Los Angeles with her two teenage boys and sits on the Board of YOU ARE ENOUGH, a non profit that supports mental health awareness and suicide prevention, which has been ciritcally important during this pandemic. She is a member of the Social Media Club of LA and a voting member of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.