Techaeris Reviews iHome’s Bluetooth Latern

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Techaeris’ Jason Bouwmeester gave our client iHome’s new IBT91 Bluetooth lantern and speaker high marks for performance, battery life, ease of use and design.

This innovative device is essentially combines a powerful lantern with a. Bluetooth speaker. The multi-purpose LED lantern has different modes and brightness levels. “The light was nice and bright at on high, very sufficient at the middle setting, and makes for a pretty decent night light in low mode which has an orange-ish hue, Bouwmeester said. “Hazard mode worked as one would think and the lantern flashes red when this mode is used.”

As far as the speakers, Bouwmeester said, “even at high volumes the sound was pretty clear and crisp”. You can also install the Melody app, connect your iHeartRadio or Spotify Premium account to it, and control your music using voice commands.

To learn more about iHome’s new musical lantern, read the full review from Teachaeris.

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