In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Higher education has seen an explosion in technical innovations and solutions in recent years. And, with that growth, the number of education tools available today has also significantly expanded. In particular, the learning management system (LMS) is dominating the attention and budgets of colleges and universities.

Pagely.com recently did an in-depth feature on the growth of LMS and the top offerings on the market.  Our client D2L’s Brightspace LMS made their short list because of it’s top-notch functionality. For Pagely.com writer Matt Mansfield, one standout feature was Release Conditions.

“Using these, a professor can have content appear to a student only after certain conditions have been met such as turning in the materials from the previous lesson,” Mansfield wrote.

Pagely.com also felt that the real power behind Brightspace was the fact that D2L has been making LMS since 1992, which generates a lot of respect and knowledge in the field.

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