A monstrous PR stunt

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Remember Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, and Franken-Berry? Sure you do. How about the other two “lost” monster cereals? That’s right, at one time General Mills also offered Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy, which were cherry and orange cream flavored, respectively. Those last two were discontinued in the 80s and haven’t been available in over 30 years. And the original three have only been available during the halloween season since 2010.

But the Internet exploded when GM recently announced that this year, ALL FIVE monster cereals would be once again available. Do I have to add – while supplies last?

It’s been covered everywhere from the front page of the WSJ to NPR to fan podcasts.  And all GM had to do was revive two cereals that by most accounts are pretty awful and were retired for a good reason.

Never under-estimate the power of nostalgia. The original “retro” packaging is available exclusively at Target, with other stores getting new packaging. Both are below. Which do you prefer?

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