Mommy Nearest Names Munchery “Must Have App” For Parents

In Lightspeed PR by Ethan Rasiel



Mommy Nearest, a news outlet targeted at Bay Area parents, rounded up the eight apps that every parent needs to download on their phone. They focused on apps that help to ease the chaos for moms and dads, including parking apps, prescription deliveries, groceries and meals.

In the meal category, Mommy Nearest chose Lightspeed PR client Munchery as their pick.

Mommy Nearest said they enjoyed Munchery for the “diverse selection of pre-made dishes” and variety of  “dinner kits that boast 15-minute cook times”. They also enjoyed the fact that the menu items are constantly changing and that “you can order the day before to get a discount or the day of while supplies last”. And, of course, Munchery’s kids meals were a huge perk for parents.

To read the full review and roundup, check out the full story from Mommy Nearest.