D2L Fosters Parent-Teacher Engagement

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel


The relationship between parents and teachers is an important factor in student success. Since face-to-face communication is often not possible, Education World recently did a roundup of the many applications and web technologies that can help foster engagement between parents and teachers. Among the options, learning management systems like our client D2L.

Education World explains that many schools and districts use learning management systems to organize their teacher/student/parent needs. They often have features like parent portals that allow parents to log in to view grades, assignments, and other information the teacher provides about their student. Plus, they usually allow for commenting and direct messaging to the teacher.

D2L’s Brightspace for K-12 students was named as an “innovative platform” in the article because it fosters parent involvement even at the kindergarten level. Education World noted the feature that allows a student’s work to be displayed on the portal explaining, “Kids get excited about having their work featured on the platform, which lets their parents stay in the loop.”