The AARP Innovation Awards were developed by Lightspeed PR to help establish AARP as a technology leader by highlighting innovations in caregiving, a central pillar of AARP’s communications goals. Technology holds great promise for helping to reduce the complexities, stress, and sheer hard work of the important job of caregiving. The AARP Innovation Champion Awards raised awareness of the most innovative products and services in caregiving, which will in turn increase the usage of these offerings and improve quality of life for anyone who may benefit from them.


Our goal was to secure over 100 submissions to the award and generate media coverage both for the award launch and announcement of the winner. Lightspeed PR managed the concept development of the awards and surrounding campaign as well as managed client buy-in, materials creation, and all aspects of the awards including: building relationships and gaining commitment from judges, identifying and securing opportunities with target publications (resulting in submissions spikes) and the announcement of the awards.

The award submissions exceeded 100 entries and both waves of press outreach received significant coverage in target publications including: Network World,, TechCrunch, and The Washington Post. AARP’s total reach was 47.4 million in unique visitors per month.


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