A passion for technology with a head for business.

Lightspeed offers a comprehensive solution for all your public relations needs. We start with strategic counsel then work with you to identify your unique opportunity. From flawless product launches and innovative campaigns to executive and employee communications, Lightspeed has the expertise to grow with you.

When you engage with Lightspeed you don’t rely on the network of a single freelancer. You gain access to the collective relationships of the full Lightspeed team. Whether its consumer electronics or enterprise software, mainstream lifestyle or vertical B2B, broadcast, print or online, we can target the right journalists and deliver results.
The Lightspeed team has experience writing speeches for C-level executives at companies like American Express and Samsung. And quick turnaround is part of the deal – it’s right there in our name.
Whether it’s a booth at a trade show, midnight madness launch at a retail store, or an intimate relationship-building cocktail party with a handful of elite journalists – you can rely on Lightspeed to make sure your event is smooth, seamless, and successful.
Wondering if your communications process is efficient? We’ll assess your protocols, measurement and reporting, internal/external roles & responsibilities, and more, and deliver a report with clear and actionable recommendations.
The days of relying on traditional PR are long gone. To truly make an impact with your target audience, social has to be integrated organically into the program. Lightspeed can do it without adding a layer of bureaucracy.
Publish or perish! To be successful, a company needs to have something to say. Lightspeed can help develop a content platform, whether it’s through a blog, a brochure, or even advertising.
We’ve helped the biggest companies in the world – and the smallest – define and hone their key messages and articulate them. We can help you look great on camera – or in any other situation.
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Our Partners

Lightspeed has a range of partners that we call upon when needed to scale for our clients. They include:


B/HI specializes in entertainment and gaming PR. B/HI website

The Carpenter Group

Carpenter Group is a full-service creative agency that can handle anything from a logo to a full rebrand and website. Carpenter Group's Website

Ballou PR

Ballou PR is one of the most lauded agencies in Europe with offices across the region. Ballou PR's website