iHome Featured In Seventeen Magazine

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Our client iHome’s iCVBT2 Bluetooth Vanity Mirror was featured in Seventeen Magazine’s “Glam Girl Holiday Gift Guide” in the November/December print issue. The featured highlighted “super pretty pieces for the aspiring beauty vlogger”.

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Brightspace Autumn17 Release Offers Flexibility, Streamlined Features

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

THE Journal reports that our client D2L unveiled the Autumn17 release of its Brightspace learning management system. After listening closely to feedback from the Brightspace community, D2L created new features for Brightspace that focus on flexibility and streamlined workflows.

“You’ve made it clear — you want to work in a way that’s convenient for you, not in a way a system forces you to work,” explained Cheryl Ainoa, COO of D2L. “The new features in Autumn17 allow you to streamline your day, freeing up time so you can focus on student engagement and success.”

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Reflekt Adds Live Service To Replace Training Manuals With AR

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VentureBeat reports that our client Reflekt has created a platform that allows companies to turn their training and repair manuals into augmented reality applications. During the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in its hometown of Munich, Reflekt announced that it had introduced a “live support” module that would allow customer support employees to interact directly with a user in the augmented reality applications.

This remote collaboration tool will work across the variety of platforms that Reflekt supports, including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses, like Microsoft’s HoloLens. Dirk Schart, the company’s head of marketing, said Reflekt is focused on making augmented reality practical and easy for companies to adopt.

Schart told VentureBeat that by doing so the company is helping AR regain some of the credibility and interest it lost when the recent hype faded.

“I think with AR, we wanted to have too much,” he said. “We wanted AR everywhere. But like with any technology, there are areas where it makes sense and there are others where other tools make more sense. We have to have a common sense, realistic view of these things. And I think we’ve arrived at that point.”

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Good Samaritan selects Brightspace LMS

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Campus Technology reports that Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Sciences is rolling out a new learning management system from our client D2L. The institution selected D2L’s Brightspace LMS “for its modern, personalized approach, blended learning capabilities, rich analytics and adaptive learning capabilities,” according to a news announcement. The goal: to “enhance training and skills development programs for healthcare professionals.”

The new LMS will go live for students and faculty in January 2018. To learn more about the release, read the full story from Campus Technology.

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SurfEasy Review: A Zippy VPN From North of the Border

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

PC World recently reviewed our client SurfEasy. They found it works with Netflix, doesn’t log your activity, and it’s fast!

“One of SurfEasy’s top features it that it works with U.S. Netflix, and reliably so,” said PC World’s Ian Paul. “During my time with the VPN I never had a problem using an American server and watching video on the premium service.”

PC World also reports that SurfEasy is now the fastest VPN service they’ve tested, displacing former speed champ Mullvad. In their tests, SurfEasy was fast across all the connections they tried—U.S., UK, Germany, Japan, and Australia—dropping to just 55.28 percent of the base speed. Paul writes that is a tiny drop when most services are dropping down to about 33-35 percent overall.

To see all the reasons PC World enjoyed the SurfEasy experience, read the full story here.

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In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Higher education has seen an explosion in technical innovations and solutions in recent years. And, with that growth, the number of education tools available today has also significantly expanded. In particular, the learning management system (LMS) is dominating the attention and budgets of colleges and universities.

Pagely.com recently did an in-depth feature on the growth of LMS and the top offerings on the market.  Our client D2L’s Brightspace LMS made their short list because of it’s top-notch functionality. For Pagely.com writer Matt Mansfield, one standout feature was Release Conditions.

“Using these, a professor can have content appear to a student only after certain conditions have been met such as turning in the materials from the previous lesson,” Mansfield wrote.

Pagely.com also felt that the real power behind Brightspace was the fact that D2L has been making LMS since 1992, which generates a lot of respect and knowledge in the field.

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Kopin CEO Talks Wearable Tech

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Dr. John Fan, the CEO of our client Kopin, talked with Seeking Alpha’s Derrick Zierler about the future of wearable technologies. In this in-depth interview, he explained why Kopin’s Pupil optical and Whisper technologies are game changers for consumer wearables. Fan also discussed the disruptive force Kopin is delivering for the next wave of wearable devices is identified.

Fan explained that the key disruptive force Kopin is offering to the market is not one specific technology, it is simply enabling our human-to-machine interactions to be completely hands-free. Kopin has a portfolio of 300 plus patents in the areas of display and voice technologies are key enablers of this disruption.

Fan also discussed Kopin’s unique heads-up Pupil optics, which have significant advantages for consumer devices solving current problems with eye strain, image quality, and power management. And he talked about Kopin’s Whisper noise cancellation technology, which has obvious applications in head worn devices.

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10 Best Mobile Apps for College Students

In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

There are no shortage of apps on a college student’s phone. But, Proto.io believes there are some apps for college students that are must-downloads. In a recent article, they listed their 10 favorite apps that students should definitely clear some room for. Topping their list, our client SurfEasy – an affordable VPN (virtual private network) you can use no matter where you are that will keep your private information private.

Proto.io says it seems like every week, there’s another story in the news about a cyber attack on retailers or random computer networks. And, it’s hard to tell when a network or website has been compromised, especially if it isn’t your own. College students are especially vulnerable because they often work in public places and those public networks aren’t nearly as secure as the ones that the college has set up.

For just $3.99 per month, SurfEasy offers the safety and security of a private network, whether you’re at home or Starbucks.

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In Lightspeed PR, News by Ethan Rasiel

Conference calls have become an everyday aspect of doing business. Spectrum Business reports that the average user join five calls per week. Although most people think they are experts at conducting and participating in phone meetings, the truth is they are often awkward affairs. These calls are plagued by late arrivals, technical glitches, background noise and side conversations, which undermine the effectiveness of the meeting.

On average, interruptions and distractions waste one-third of the time spent on each conference call. This costs businesses $16 billion a year in unproductive staff time.

Most of the wasted time happens in the first eight minutes of a phone meeting when people are trying to track down late-to-the-table attendees and waiting for them to join. Our CEO Ethan Rasiel told Spectrum business to, “Instruct sales to always get on the line three minutes early, so they’re ready to go before the customer dials in.”

Rasiel also suggests using a team chat services, such as Slack or Google Hangouts, “When a customer asks a question on a call, I message my team, ‘I’ve got this one’ or ‘Tracy, please take that one. This is one way to make sure the right person answers and we don’t step on each other’s words. We are always looking to convey a polished impression of our company—and the people that stand behind it.”

For more conference call efficiency tips, read the full story here.


In Client News by Ethan Rasiel

Got a new iPad? Best Products suggests that you immediately start your app collection with their list of award-winning picks, which includes our client SurfEasy VPN.

If you’re using your iPad or iPad Pro on public Wi-Fi networks often, Best Products says that you need SurfEasy VPN in your life. By creating a virtual private network with bank-grade encryption, SurfEasy VPN ensures that your app and online activity is guarded at all times.

SurfEasy VPN is the world’s most trusted security and privacy VPN. Their ultra-fast, no-log network encrypts your data and means you can browse the web securely even on public WiFi, without any loss of speed, and without even SurfEasy VPN knowing what you’re doing.

Click here to see Best Products’ full list of recommended apps and games for the IPad.

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